The Art of Neuroeducation by Da Vinci Group, at TEDxPickering Street 2018 - Thrive

Da Vinci Group Presents: The Art of Neuroeducation

Ever wondered how the phrase “learning through play” came to be? In this unique clay-based workshop, Saravanan, CEO and Co-founder of Da Vinci Group, explores the role of Neuroeducation in transforming Singapore’s educational landscape. Find out how the creative arts intertwined with science can formulate a paradigm for informing broader social and educational policies. What is the aim, vision and future of Neuroeducation?

Join us for a hands-on experience in moulding a future within which our young will thrive!

Saravanan, CEO and Co-Founder of Da Vinci Group, and Amutha, COO and Co-Founder of Da Vinci Group, will also be speaking at TEDxPickering Street 2018 - Thrive, where they will talk about The Science of Thriving:
As a society, we have turned to psychological means and behavioural aspects to ascertain thriving. However, thriving has a very biological basis. This talk will explore thriving as evidence based and because it is evidence based, how we can make a real difference to ourselves and the quality of our lives from the individual, peer and community perspectives.

Buy your tickets to TEDxPickeringstreet 2018 at: https://tedxpsthrive.peatix.com/

About Saravanan and Amutha

Saravanan and Amutha co-founded Da Vinci Group in 2012 and is the CEO and COO of the company respectively.

Amutha did her Masters in Social Sciences, Psychology by Research with a focus in Clinical Neuropsychology at the National University of Singapore. She did her research on mild traumatic brain injury patients and their post concussive symptoms at the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore. She also speaks Japanese and has won the championship in the Secondary, Junior College and Open categories of the Japanese Speech Contest, which is an annually held competition organized by the Japanese Cultural Society, the Japanese Association, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Japanese University Graduates Association in Singapore.

Saravanan has been involved in several business initiatives since 2010. He did his Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore with a focus in Neurobiology. He gained extensive research experience in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and A*STAR. His work involved understanding neuronal path finding and neuro receptor associations. Following his research career, Saravanan moved into the field of business consulting and recruitment management which gave the motivations and inspiration to start Da Vinci Group.

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Sat Aug 4, 2018
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM SGT
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